A Leading Shredder Supplier in China

A Leading Shredder Supplier in China

As a leading shredder supplier from China. In the past few years, HARDEN INDUSTRIES LTD has always focused on the development and production of solid waste size-reduction machinery, the related industries including plastics recycling, eps recycling, tire recycling, e-waste and wood recycling, etc.

HARDEN In Wood Recycling Industry

For the wood recycling, we concentrate on designing and manufacturing shredders for kinds of wood size reduction according the request of our customers.

Our wood shredder are especially suited for applications such as wood pallets, wood crates, plywood, redwood, and garden waste shredding, alternative fuel production, and reduction of contaminated materials where uniform, small to medium particle size is desired.


If you want to purchase reliable wood shredder for wood shredding and recycling with low price, HARDEN is your ideal choice. As a Chinese leading wood shredder manufacturer service in wood recycling industry. HARDEN wood shredders, made in China, are being installed world wide and received good reputation from our customers!

Wood Waste Shredder SM1000 Installed

Wood Waste Shredder Installed

From March 16 to March 18, 2013 , which are busy days, as our wood waste shredder SM1000 has installed in Beijing successfully, which is also an ideal machine for processing municipal solid waste. The pictures below are of a recently delivered SM1000 shredder that was installed at a solid waste district in Beijing.

Customer also used this machine process everything they need to reduce through this industrial shredder: truck tires, organic waste, municipal solid waste, the works! Since this machine has long wearing blades, they will be processing several thousands of tons of material before they need to have them re-built. That’s right, re-built! You don’t need to ever change the blades on these machines. When they get dull, any machine shop can simply rebuild the edges and sharpen them, so no thickness is ever lost.

SM1000 wood waste shredder installed

SM1000 wood waste shredder installed in Beijing, China







wood waste shredder tested successfully

wood waste shredder tested successfully